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From proxy services to bespoke dashboards, if you're starting up a new sneaker orientated company or own an existing one we have the solutions for you.

Residential Services

From many well-known providers and our own private solution with no commitments or contracts.

Datacenter Services

From ISPs to our automated datacenter proxy system which requires no networking knowledge, we've got it all.

Much More

Bespoke dashboards to starting your own franchise, check out the full range of services we offer here.

Why buy residential proxy data through us?

Our business module suits companies better, we do not charge anything upfront, have no contracts or data requirements, cover all negative data for free and give you up to 4 weeks to pay for data you have sold.

Looking to sell datacenter proxies?

We offer everything you need, we can setup your server for you with an industry leading system including API access to automate your selling with ease. If that doesn't suit you we offer proxies and bandwidth at extremely profitable rates.

Looking for more information?

Our Discord contains much more detail on all of our products alongside a 24/7 support team to answer your questions.

Here's what we have to offer

Most Popular

Oxylabs Data

Reseller data provided by Oxylabs.

  1. Pay After You Use
  2. Data Never Expires
  3. Pricing As Low As 8.00$/gb

IP Management System

Start selling proxies with no networking knowledge.

  1. Easy To Use API
  2. IPv4 & IPv6 Support
  3. Pricing Starts At 130.00$/month
Best Results

Zetta Data

Reseller data provided by Zetta.

  1. Pay After You Use
  2. Data Never Expires
  3. Pricing Starts At 6.00$/gb

Private Data

Exclusive residential data provided by us.

  1. Pay After You Use
  2. Completely Private Pools
  3. Pricing As Low As 4.50$/gb

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The residential plans that Crypted labs offer are a must have for any growing proxy company. The variety of plans available allows you to pick the perfect plan suited for you.



Crypted Labs is the perfect place to go if your looking for any type of proxies. With their outstanding performance, reliability and variety, you really can’t go wrong. Backed with 1-1 support I don’t think you can personally find any provider better.



Crypted Labs offer an insane service if you are looking for top-notch proxies. Quality is superb, customer support is on point and they offer the most reliable service in the market. We fully recommend their service and we will continue using it.

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Why us?
Crypted Labs is currently pioneering this sector of the market, offering the highest quality products with the most competitive business modules.
Where can I find more information?
Our Discord server contains an in-detail description of everyone of our products alongside the prices.

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